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Our success is based on your success and wellness of your workforce
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Vision Enlight is a South African based Knowledge Management Consulting and Business Intelligence company that provides services to a wide range of industries both in the private and public sectors. Our services are packaged and offered as Tailored Training and Development, Conferencing, Change Management and Project Management.


Our Mission

  1. To nurture clients’ relations by continually providing the right outstanding personal services.
  2. To know our customers and strive to exceed their unique expectations
  3. To radically improve the contribution individuals and teams make at work.
  4. To provide support and follow up to ensure continual organisational improvement as cost effectively as possible

Our Vision

We will be recognized as an international partner of choice for knowledge and skills transfer by providing cutting edge solutions and services that accelerate the learning process and drive cultural change though an enabled, value-adding and sustainable corporate strategy.

We will be opted as the main one-stop shop for a company's business intelligence, learning and training needs.

Our Values

  1. Conducting our business with integrity and diligence
  2. Efficiency and quality in service delivery
  3. Professionalism, good ethical and moral conduct
  4. Sustained continued assessment for quality services
  5. Job satisfaction for employees through valuing and rewarding success
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  +27 11 6208100
+27 11 6160200
+27 11 6208101
+27 71 3798876
Fax:   +27 86 6967316
+27 11 6160199
Postal   P.O. Box 28968
Kensington, Jo'burg, SA
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